Winter Storm Hits US, Bringing Snow, Sleet, Tornadoes, and Flood Threats

The first winter storm of the year has hit the United States, bringing with it heavy snow, sleet, and the threat of tornadoes and floods in the south. The National Weather Service (NWS) has forecast intense snowfall of 1-3 inches per hour in parts of Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota, with more than a foot of snow expected to accumulate. Winter storm warnings, ice storm warnings, and winter weather advisories have been issued for the area. In addition, tornado watches and severe thunderstorm warnings are in effect across much of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, along with flood watches posted along the southern edge of that zone. The NWS has counted eight tornado reports as of Tuesday night, as well as numerous instances of high winds causing damage to trees, power lines, and homes. The storm is expected to spread into New England by Wednesday


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