Huawei to Launch 12nm and 14nm Chipsets

Huawei has reportedly been preparing for the mass production of 12nm and 14nm chipsets, according to a well-known Weibo tipster. These chipsets, which are used to measure the size of transistors in a CPU, could potentially be used in wearable devices. Huawei has a strong portfolio of smart wearables and many of these devices could benefit from this new semiconductor technology. In addition to the 12nm and 14nm chipsets, work is reportedly underway on an advanced chipset set to debut in 2024. Huawei’s current chip inventory has been exhausted due to the U.S. ban and the company has had to rely on Qualcomm for new chips for smartphones. However, Huawei is working to reshape its supply chain and bring new partners on board to address its chip production issues.

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