Hasan Abid Deletes Social Media Accounts for the Sake of Islam

“Goodbye to Viral Videos: Hasan Abid Chooses Religion Over Social Media Fame”

You won’t be able to find Hasan Abid’s hilarious transition videos or follow his journey on social media anymore. The famous TikToker and YouTuber known for his millions of followers and viral content has made the bold move to delete his accounts for the sake of Islam.

In a heartfelt and motivational Instagram post, Hasan shared why he took this decision and how it will bring him closer to his faith. It takes courage and conviction to give up a platform that brought you so much success, and Hasan’s followers are sure to miss his entertaining videos.

But, as he writes, “true success is pleasing Allah.” We wish Hasan all the best on his journey towards spirituality and self-discovery.

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