Emiratisation Efforts in the UAE Result in Higher Salaries for Fresh Graduates

As companies in the UAE strive to meet Emiratisation quotas, they are ramping up their efforts to attract and retain top Emirati talent. Private firms with more than 50 employees must increase their Emiratisation rate to two percent by the end of 2022 or face a fine of Dh6,000 ($1,633) per month for each citizen not hired. According to recruitment and HR consultants, there is a wealth of excellent talent available in the market and candidates are receiving multiple job offers. Some companies are taking a bottom-up approach, hiring recent graduates and those with up to two years of experience, while others are targeting both entry-level and senior Emirati candidates across a range of professional skills. Salaries for fresh Emirati graduates are also on the rise due to increased demand and the threat of counter-offers from competing companies. However, not all firms have the budget to accommodate salary increases, and must instead focus on internal initiatives to meet their Emiratisation goals

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