Could Ghana’s Sulemana Abdul Samed be the Tallest Man in the World?

Meet Sulemana Abdul Samed, a 29-year-old man from Ghana who may be the tallest man in the world. Recently, a local hospital in northern Ghana estimated Samed’s height at 9 ft 6in (2.89m), but they couldn’t be certain because they didn’t have the proper measuring tools. Samed, who goes by the nickname Awuche, has gigantism and has been growing continuously. Recently, Favour Nunoo, a reporter for BBC News Pidgin, returned to Gambaga with a 16ft measuring tape to get a more accurate measurement of Awuche’s height. After verifying a mark on the wall made by the crown of Awuche’s head, Nunoo determined that Awuche was actually 7ft 4in tall, just one foot shorter than the current Guinness World Record holder, Sultan Kösen, who is 8ft 2.8in. Despite this, Awuche remains optimistic, saying “Who knows, maybe one day I may get to that height too.”


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